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Greenland Foundation 

While fusing on the many challenges around project implementation, we propose to work towards the following outcomes from our social infrastructure programs based on need assessment and feasibility.

  • Infrastructure : We are committed to availability of safe drinking water, proper sanitation facilities rural feeder roads and electrification of local communities.
  • Education : We believe education is the single most powerful intervention for transforming lives. Improved access to education with increased enrollment in pre-school and improving quality of learning with better school infrastructure and better teaching-learning process are sure path to societal overall development.
  • Health : Good health is the foundation on which we build happy, prosperous, and meaningful lives. Improved access to quality health care involving expansion of health centers infrastructure and increased number of people accessing quality health care guarantee a healthy future for citizens.
  • Skills : Enhancing employability of youth with enhanced training capacity and improved infrastructure of skill development centers are billed to cater to those inclined to develop their technical skills in identified fields. With a zest for competition and challenge . Belligeto will vigorously support healthy sports development in its sphere of operations.