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Group Strategy 

Greenland is committed to improving the quality of lives of people in its sphere of operations. The group believes that one key area where more people could be put to work (especially in Africa). Is to get electrical power-sure and steady for the use of everyone.

Greenland businesses are driven by a focus on sustainable practices factored on societal needs and a deep commitment to the communities we serve. As a group our common purpose is simple- we Transform Lives!

We operate strategically in the key industries that drive economic growth of nations as exemplified by our approach to the energy and power crisis in Nigeria.

The paucity of electric power in Africa`s biggest economy, Nigeria has always been a source of profound interest to Greenland. In fact, this seemingly intractable problem has propelled Greenland into conducting exhaustive studies into unearthing the myriad of issues plaguing the Nigerian’s government desire of providing constant power over the years, with a bid to fashioning a solution- technical and financial- that can be immediately deployed for the growth and the development of the nation.

One of the initiatives mapped for immediate deployment is the illuminate Nigeria Project (INP) strategy. INP is geared towards the provision of modular plants covering the nation and employing the resources available in the operational spheres –sun, wind, gas and water as feedstock for the generating electrical power. The gains of INP strategy are billed to be felt in the very short term due to Greenland`s eagerness to commit technical and financial resources into its actualization.