Strength in Diversity and partnership

The Greenland Group is an international, yet fully integrated, conglomeration of corporate entities, operating out of the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

We are currently in advanced stages of developing public private partnerships with several government departments across Africa, for investments across various commercial, industrial, technological and financial sectors, with a strong focus on key emerging economies of Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Guinea (Conakry), and strategic plans to incorporate others in the short to medium term.

The Executive and Advisory Board of Greenland are drawn from a diverse array of professional ,technical industrial and financial background , including but not limited to investment Bankers , Economists , Scientists , Engineers, Architects and Experts in Oil & Gas , technology , Agro Economy , Science and Research. With access of the capital markets of New York , London and Zurich, the Greenland team bringsĀ  to every undertaking a keen sense of purpose , propelled by the uncanny ability to deliver on time projects backed by adequate financial muscle visa the African investment Fund(AIF) .